Community Engagement Core(CEC)


The Community Engagement Core’s (CEC) overarching goal is to assure that HU RCMI supported research addresses the needs and interests of the local surrounding community. To achieve this goal, community-academic partnerships are designed and developed for sustained effort that promote integration between research, practice, and policy. The Core develops community-oriented small media (e.g. infographics) to disseminate evidence-based health information stemming from HU RCMI research and other study results that address local community health concerns. To engage communities in the DC metropolitan area in impactful partnerships, the CEC addresses three specific aims.

Specific Aims

  • Establish long-term relationships with local community-based organizations to address the health-related concerns of local communities.
  • Work with community partners to promote participation in research, particularly recruitment and retention of study participants in RCMI-supported research projects.
  • Disseminate findings from HU RCMI research to relevant communities.

Community Engagement Core Inbox


Core Director

Dr. Carla Williams, PH.D.