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Paul Wang, PhD
Paul C Wang, PhD

Professor, Director
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Dr. Paul Wang is the Director of the Molecular Imaging Laboratory (MIL) and a Professor in the Department of Radiology at Howard University, Washington DC. Dr. Wang graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University in 1974 with a BS degree in physics. He received a PhD degree in applied radiation physics from MIT in 1982. In the early 1980’s, he started his research career in MRI at the University of Kentucky and Georgetown University. During his tenure at Howard University beginning 1989, he has established the Biomedical NMR Laboratory, which later became the Molecular Imaging Laboratory, to promote multidisciplinary research using NMR imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy, and optical imaging techniques for biomedical applications.

The Molecular Imaging Laboratory has been a synergetic center for promoting multidisciplinary biomedical research for Howard University and neighboring research institutions including the Children’s National Medical Center, Georgetown University, Catholic University, and several biotech companies. Dr. Wang is responsible for coordinating research projects, providing technical support, and supervising the operation of the Molecular Imaging Lab as a university imaging core facility. His research interests include: in vitro and in vivo NMR; NMR imaging and spectroscopy studies of diseases including cancer, heart disease, and neurological diseases using animal models; NMR studies of multidrug interaction; optical imaging and molecular imaging of cells and small animals; and applications of nanotechnology in medicine.

Dr. Wang has been the principal investigator of multiple US federal- and industry-funded projects, including four multi-years training grants. He has trained many undergraduate, graduate, and medical students as well as postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty and radiology residents. He has taught medical imaging physics at Georgetown University and Howard University for over 30 years. Since 2007, Dr. Wang is a Visiting Professor at the Chinese National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in Beijing. He has been involved in promoting a dialogue between the US and Chinese governments in nanomedicine and nanotoxicity research.

He has received the Howard University Faculty Researcher Award in 2008 and Dr. Moses Young Research Award in 2010. He also received the Outstanding Alumni Award in 2010 and an Honorary Doctor Degree of Science in 2014 from Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Wang is currently a Chair Professor in the College of Science and Engineering, Fu-Jen Catholic University.

Areas of Expertise

  • Medical Imaging Physics
  • MRI, PET/SPECT/CT, Optical Imaging of Small Animals with Various Disease Models
  • University Imaging Core Facility Management

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Paul C. Wang, PhD
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