About: ORC

The Clive O. Callender, M.D. Howard-Harvard Health Sciences Outcomes Research Center

From its inception, the Center has fostered a culture of multidisciplinary, multi-institutional collaboration in health disparities research. The Center has a track record of prolific academic productivity, producing over 300 peer reviewed manuscripts and 400 invited scientific presentations dedicated to outcomes disparities. This activity has supported the training and promotion of undergraduate and health sciences students, post-graduate physicians in training, research fellows, and basic science and clinical faculty. The Center has enjoyed a rich liaison with skilled researchers and instructors at both Johns Hopkins Department of Surgery and the Center for Surgery and Public Health at Brigham and Women’s Hospital with expertise in

studying outcomes of surgical diseases where health disparities have been reported. Beyond surgery, the Center has supported faculty across the breadth of clinical sciences and continues to play a pivotal role in advancing outcomes research at Howard University College of Medicine.