About: Proteomics

Core Description

The Howard University Bioanalyical-Proteomics Core uses state-of–the-art equipment such as the Thermo LTQ-XL Orbitrap mass spectrometer for the support of proteomic research at Howard University.


The mission of the Howard University Proteomics Core Facility is to use mass spectrometry for studies of infectious and chronic disorders and to promote and facilitate translational research.

Specific Aims
  • Provide technical and intellectual support for proteomics at Howard University
  • Broaden the multidisplinary group education in proteomics research
  • Enhance multidisciplinary research at Howard University and sharing of expertise at Howard University
  • Enhance clinical studies at Howard University
  • Enhance studies of infectious disease, chronic blood disorders, and caner, thus promoting and facilitating translational research at Howard University